MCK Presences

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MCK Presences featuring Maciek Lasserre (Sax, Programming), Gaston AKA Bandimic (vocals), Maxime Zampieri (drums) and Deve Golitin (Gtrs).


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MCK Presences

Presented by ACT4Music Curator Dimitri Louis.

MCK Presences featuring Maciek Lasserre (Sax, Programming), Gaston AKA Bandimic (vocals), Maxime Zampieri (drums) and Deve Golitin (Gtrs).
I’ve had the chance to film Maciek Lasserre’s MCK Projekt on a few times in the past and I’ve been really impressed by the mix of flavours this group offers. For this special occasion I thought it would be great to have each musician’s give a take on MCK’s music on a solo setting.
Each musician will play a few tunes from the MCK’s albums and add some more personal compositions.

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Maciek Lasserre

Saxophonist, composer, producer and teacher

A musician with a unique creativity, Maciek Lasserre emerged onto the Paris scene and internationally playing with contemporary jazz and experimental hip-hop projects.

Starting in 2001, he embarked on a serie of tours in Africa including to Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia, and across Europe.
In 2006, Maciek went to New York to study the music of Steve Coleman. He discovered the avant-garde New York scene with Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer and Tyshawn Sorey.
Upon his return to Europe, Maciek intensified his work writing and developing the MCK PROJEKT ( Eskisse 2011, Forces 2015, Akt 2018) through which he formalized the key concepts of his musical, aesthetic and philosophical vision.
In 2015, he founded the group Sélébéyone ( Pi Recording ) with the saxophonist and composer Steve Lehman, the american lyricist HPrizm (Antipop Consortium) and the senegalese rapper Gaston aka Bandimic.
In 2020, he initiated the A.M.E Atelier de Musiques Exploratives (Exploratory Music Workshop) in collaboration with the Brazilian musician, activist and philosopher Fred Lyra.
He has performed with numerous artists including Magic Malik, Steve Lehman, Olivier Sens, Chander Sardjoe, Alain Vankenhove, Hervé Samb, Brice Wassy, Doudou Ndiaye Rose, Ablaye Mbaye, Thionne Seck, Latifa Arfaoui, Hamid Bouchnak, Gaston Bandimic, DaBrains, Disiz La Peste.
He has played in clubs in Paris, New York, Varsovie and Dakar as well as international festivals such as the Berlin Jazz festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Ecstatic Music Festival New York, Paris Jazz Festival, Francofolies de la Rochelle, Festival Gnawa d’Essaouira, Festival de Fès des Musiques Sacrées du Monde.

Today, Maciek plays in many different groups, continues to teach and to develop Sélébéyone, the MCK Projekt and its ramifications MCK [S] SOLO and A.M.E Atelier de Musiques Exploratives (Explorative Music Workshop).


Deve Golitin   Deve Golitin

Deve Golitin is a non academic guitar player. Born in 1973 in Castres (France) ,his father is from French Guyana and his mother from French britanny. Deve’s approach of playing the guitar is unique and new says drummer Stéphane Galland from the legendary belgian band AKA MOON. He has also created new ways of writing and creating compositions. Institutions (University, Jazz Schools) often ask him to teach and explain his views. Many talented musicians with him: Tomas Gubitsch; Stéphane Galland; Nelson Veras; Magic Malik; Paul Rogers; Seamus Blake; Linley Marthe; Dominique Di Piazza; Magic Malik; Marc Cary… Deve is very closed to Detroit scene where he lived severals months. He played with fantastic musicians in Detroit, even with the great saxophonist Larry Smith. Deve uses to say “I’m the french detroiter”! Deve’s musical work is axed on the combination of analysis and intuition, philosophy and spirituality. A few words that give an idea of the simplexity of Deve Golitin’s musical art’


Maxime Zampieri

Maxime Zampieri


Biographie Né en 1977 à Roubaix. Maxime reçoit son diplôme de fin d’étude en juin 1994. Il entre ensuite au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, département jazz où il décroche son 1er prix. En 1996, il est nommé lauréat par le jury du Drummers Meeting de Koblenz (composé notamment de sheila.e, Danny Gottlieb et Terry Line carrington) qui récompense le meilleur jeune batteur européen du moment. En 1997, Maxime anime des Master class pour la marque de batterie SONOR, ce qui lui vaut d’être présent aux Batnights de 1997 et 1998, et, de participer à l’enregistrement du CD rassemblant les 10 meilleurs batteurs européens. Grâce à son style affirmé et singulier, il est repéré par le saxophoniste Julien Lourau qui l’engage pour une tournée internationale et pour l’enregistrement de son album “Gambit” (mai 2000). Arrive ensuite un autre grand moment de sa carrière, son entrée dans le Magic Malik Orchestra (Malik Mezzadri, flûtiste et leader du groupe). Maxime découvre au sein de cette formation une approche unique et radicalement nouvelle de la composition musicale et de la rythmique par rapport à celles des autres musiciens de jazz. Le groupe tourne dans le monde entier et se fait applaudir dans tous les grands festivals internationaux : Montreux, Nice, Marciac, Glasgow, Londres, Montréal, Sarajevo, La Haye, Chicago, New York, La Louisiane, Dublin, Rome, Buenos Aires, Milan, Pékin, Tokyo… Déjà neuf albums du groupe ont vu le jour chez Label Bleu, Bee Jazz… (avec la participation de Steve Coleman sur l’album 00-237). En 2009, il rencontre Mathieu Boogaerts et l’accompagne sur sa tournée “I Love You”. En 2010, il intègre le groupe Yodelice qui obtient une victoire de la musique, enchaîne une tournée à travers les salles et festivals de France, et, enregistre un EP Live en 2011. En p a r a l l è l e , Maxime a aussi accompagné Piers Faccini, Ibrahim Maalouf, Ntoumos, Malia, Norig, Sixun, C o r n e l i u s C l a u d i o K r e u s c h , Grandgambe, Yom, Laurent David, O r n e t t e … e t a p a r t i c i p é à l’enregistrement de musique de films (“A.L.F” de Jérôme Lescure , “Mange ceci est mon corps” de Michelange Quay…)



Though his real name is Bamar Ndoye, he goes by the alias Gaston – Baye Sen. Born on the 17 September 1977 in Dakar, Senegal, Gaston discovered
music at an early age through his father, founding member and singer of the band Rio Orchestra de Fass. Among the friends of his father who used to visi
the house was Idrissa Diop, known today for his collaborations with the group Sixun and the guitarist Carlos Santana.
In 1992, aged 15, Gaston left Senegal to live with his mother in France. It was here that he first discovered rap through the group IAM from Marseille. It took his return to Senegal Two years later, and the release of the first big albums of Senegalese rap such as Positive Black Soul, Daara J or Pee Froiss, for him to form his band Sen Kumpeu with Bourba Djoloff. Based in the heart of the Medina, Sen Kumpeu – alongside Rapadio – soon stood out for their hardcore style with well-constructed lyrics, dripping with the realities of daily life. As early as 1999, their track Nirékeula was included in the compilation D-Kill Rap put together by Fitna Produktions.

In 2000, in another compilation for the same label, Sen Kumpeu returned with Lu Deuk bi Laac (What the people want). This compilation is recognised today as a point of reference for the social engagement of Senegalese rappers. In 2001, they were prize winners in the Hip Hop Awards in the category “Revelation”.

That same year, Gaston released his first solo album entitled Khél Komla, also nominated for the Hip Hop Awards. Its eight tracks present a remarkable vision of Senegalese life.

Since then, Gaston has continued his solo career with numerous successes and international collaborations.


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