"There are only two kinds of music; That which expands consciousness, and that which contracts it" ~ Sonny Rollins.

Advancing Creative Transformation 4 (for) Music means coming together in order to help the creative music community find platforms, where they can freely express their innermost creativity, and through such expression, transform the music. their lives, and ultimately the lives of those this music reaches.

Next Steps

Get on Up, Get Involved!~ James Brown

A Diversified Approach.

Are you a Curator? ACT4Music would love to hear from you!

We seek to to leverage today’s networking technology by involving the best curators of creative music from all over the planet in the programming of our daily content.

Creative musicians have toured the planet since the days of Louis Armstrong. We are thus a global community, and it is far overdue that we started acting as one.

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Musicians of All Persuasions from All Over the World.

ACT4Music Fest. is an opportunity for creative musicians all over the world to come together in one great 8 week long, 6 days a week, 4 artists per day celebration of music. We hope that by the end of those 8 weeks to have presented audiences all over the world with at least 192 amazing shows.

Creative music may be known by many names, with jazz being the most common, but we avoid using a name so as to escape the limitations of genre and appeal to as broad a base of creative musicians as possible.

We’re doing this because, for most of us, music is not just a career, but a vocation! We simply hope that by providing musicians with a curated platform where they can present their music to audiences both near and far, that we can help bring a little more truth and positivity into this world.

ACT4M Participant Guides

From an information sheet to various guides, we’re providing the community the tools they need to be efficient in their communication with us.

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Materials Submission Guide

Curators Guide

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Next Steps

We’re reaching out to many of the increadible curators and musicians within our community, and beyond. Watch this space. New curators and artists are signing up to become a part of ACT4Music every day!

How can I help?

It takes a lot of work to put on a festival, even if it’s a virtual one. If you would like to assist with promoting ACT4Music, or even donate some of your time to helping with the daily logistics of the festival, we’d love to hear from you!

The Future.

The Covid 19 pandemic and social distancing may have inspired us to create this platform, but we also see a future where ACT4Music Fest. can become an anual occurance, involving music comminuties in multiple locations around the globe, featuring both virtual and physical stages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download videos?

The short answer is No. The long answer is;

The protection of artist content is important to us. At the same time, we’d like audiences to have the freedom to enjoy shows from anywhere at their leisure. 

For this reason we are using a streaming model, where the audience is provided with access to content while on only.

What if I missed show? Can I still buy a ticket?


Because our shows are pre-recorded audiences can purchase a ticket to the current day, or any previous day, “a la cart”.

How long will I have access to days that I purchased?

The festival is 8 weeks long. Every ticket holder  to a particular day will get at least 8 weeks of access (regardles of when they bought the ticket).

Why so many curators? 

Rather than focus on one area of the community, we'd rather involve as much of the creative community as possible, including those present in other countries.

Having a different curator each day gives our festival a breadth, in terms of sound, artists, culture, and taste.

Why pay to watch video performances when I can see them for free on YouTube?

YouTube is great, but wading for hours through millions of videos to in order to find that one gem isn't.

ACT4Music is a curated experience by music lovers for music lovers. You also won't find any of our content on Youtube, because every performer's video was created by them specifically created for this festival.

Why are tickets so cheap?

Our festival is based on a “name your price” model, with a minimum ticket price of $3. 

We believe that music should be affordable to all, but it shouldn’t be free! 

We believe that by providing broad access and artist-centric compensation, we’ll be able to strike a balance that works for all.

How can I apply for an ACT4M-Grant?

ACT4M-Grants are strategic grants, awarded to artists selected by our panel, which they believe will have a postive impact on the creative music scene.

Right now we intend to dsisburse these grants in the form of commisions presented to artists who will write new and original music which will be premiered through the ACT4Music platform. 

Use the contact form below and one of our team will get back to with details on the application process.

What do you do with Donations?

Donations help to support our mission; the furthering of creative music and the creative music community.

This might be through innitiatives such as the ACT4Music Fest., or through our commisioning  efforts via the ACT4M-Grant program.

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